Teeth Cleaning

Dental Exams/Oral Cancer Screening/Cleanings

Depending on your oral health, only 2 dental cleanings per year might be all that is needed. There are some patients that attract tarter build-up quicker which results in more frequent cleanings. Oral Dental Exams that include Oral Cancer Screenings and Cavity Checks are recommended at minimum 2 times per year. Oral Cancer Screenings are performed by our doctors to look for signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. By having these check-ups twice a year, there is a greater chance to identify mouth cancer early, which results in being able to provide treatment quicker. Some patients are more prone to getting cavities quicker than others. In our office, we indicate “watches” which are markers that help our doctors and hygienists look out for suspicious areas. By knowing and identifying these watches, our patients are able to have a guideline on areas that they can provide adequate homecare in between visits in our office.