Periodontal care

Nonsurgical Gum Care

When your gums become inflamed or infected by bacteria, the nourishment and support can quickly break down and cause bleeding, swelling, and gum tissue recession. As infected gums recede, your teeth lose their bone
support and may result in tooth loss.

Periodontal (gum/bone) disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. It is most commonly caused by plaque, a thick film of bacteria, which forms by attaching to gums and teeth. Gum disease is an infection around the teeth. Periodontal disease can also be hereditary and patients with diabetes have a greater chance of having the disease or having the disease cause disturbances with their health related to diabetes.

That’s why regular professional gum care is critically important, not only to your dental health, but your overall health as well. As the bacteria from your diseased gums travels through your body, it can cause serious and life-threatening health problems like cardiovascular disease and higher risk for heart attack and stroke.

Our office offers in-house periodontal care including deeper cleanings, such as scaling and root planning, and routine periodontal maintenance cleanings. Our team will make sure that you receive meticulously thorough dental cleanings catered to the recall frequency you need. By removing the dental plaque from your teeth, especially around and below your gums, they are removing bacteria that has hardened and begun eating away at your teeth and gums. You will be shown how to floss properly to remove stuck food particles so as to prevent potential bacterial infection.