Implant Dentistry

Gorgeous Permanent Replacements for Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can cause embarrassment and low self-esteem. Dr. Amanda Cerqueira understands this sensitive issue, and she can help you find the solution that is right for you. Thanks to modern materials and advanced dental technology, today’s dental implants are truly technological wonders. They are also the preferred solution for missing teeth.

Dr. Cerqueira coordinates your care with a qualified specialist who will prepare and place the implant, along with any other services you may need, before the dental crown is placed.

Most patients prefer dental implants to removable dentures.

Other dental implant benefits include:

  • Better looks
  • More natural feel
  • Better chewing function
  • Improved retention of jawbone tissue
  • Greater convenience
  • Longer-lasting replacement
  • Easy care (brush & floss like real teeth)

Discover the joys of dental implants for replacing missing teeth. Call Amanda Cerqueira, DDS, at 910.458.3232, or use our convenient online Request an Appointment form.