Why use CBFD if my insurance is out of network or not accepted?

There is one perceived advantage to a provider being in network with insurance companies – the initial patient out of pocket could potentially be lower. The drawbacks however, can be many.

When a health care provider operates in network they are often constrained by limitations imposed by insurance companies. Often, what is best for the patient and for the long term prognosis of a tooth, gets overlooked in favor of procedures favored by the insurance company.

Insurance companies are financial  (not health care) institutions. As such, their goals can be very different from Doctor’s. Insurance companies focus primarily on maximizing profits, while Doctors have taken an oath and have a personal, ethical obligation to do what is best for the patient’s health.

Our practice has chosen to stay out of network with all insurance companies. This was initially a difficult decision, since our philosophy has always been to minimize our patient’s expenditures, while providing the best possible care.

Over the years however, we came to realize this is the best way to practice and it actually increases the value to the patient. While co-pays can be slightly higher, we believe that being out of network allows us to  have longer appointment times, lower patient volume and practice with extreme attention to detail (which allows us to catch small issues before they get big/more costly)

This type of commitment to quality and conservative dentistry would not be possible if our Doctors were running from patient to patient in order to achieve a quota or see a minimum amount of people per day.

The freedom this approach gives us is invaluable. It allows us to get to know patients on a one on one basis and most importantly, customize the delivery of services to each individual. This approach requires time and excellence – which are antagonistic to in network, high volume dentistry.

Thank you for considering Carolina Beach Family Dentistry. You have our commitment to always strive to give you an amazing, personable, warm experience while leveraging our out of network status to provide the best dental experience you’ve ever had.